Item #8236 Mountain Gazette. Edward Abbey.
[Abbey, Edward]

Mountain Gazette

Denver: Write On Publishing House, 1974,1976,1977. Issues 28,44,55. 3 issues. Small folio [38] Illustrated stapled wrappers. All issues about very good.

Issue 28 (December, 1974) prints 'Where's Tonto' an early excerpt from the "Monkey Wrench Gang: A Novel About the Wooden Shoe Business in America."
Issue 44 (April, 1976) prints 'Abbey's Road, Take the Other (Or Death Valley Acid)
Issue 55 (March, 1977) prints 'God's Plan for the State of Utah' an excerpt from 'Journey Home: Some Words in Defense of the American West. Item #8236

Three mid-career Abbey periodical appearances, showing the bite and wit he was legendary for. "You couldn't see the city, exactly, but you could see all that brown yeller smog there stretching from Bountiful to Cedar City, Salt Lake was down in the middle somewhere. Nehi he says, 'The Director wants that mess cleaned up, Garn. It doesn't look good. It offends his nostrils.' Well sir,' I says, 'I don't know about that. That all belongs to Kennecott Copper down there. This here's Kennecott country they own it. Like they say, smoke means jobs.' Had him there I reckon."

Price: $100.00

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