Item #7367 Map of the City of Nauvoo, Drawn Principally from the Plats of the Original Surveys. Gustavus Hill, Sutcliffe Maudsley, William Weeks.

Map of the City of Nauvoo, Drawn Principally from the Plats of the Original Surveys

Nauvoo Restoration, Inc., 1971. Map [71 cm x 58 cm] / [28" x 23"] printed in color and mounted [81 cm x 71 cm] / [31" x 28"]. Nice condition. Item #7367

This map was originally printed in 1842. Sutcliffe Maudsley's portrait of 'Lieut. Gen. Joseph Smith is at the lower left corner. William Weeks architectural drawing of the Nauvoo Temple is at the upper Left. Map shows the streets of Nauvoo and locates the Temple, Nauvoo House, Pres. J. Smith's Residence, Printing Office, Brick Store, and a few other prominent residences and locations. Published by Dr. J. LeRoy Kimball's Nauvoo Restoration. Dr. Kimball was an early champion of acquiring historical LDS sites in Nauvoo and putting them back in the care of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"Nauvoo Restoration, Incorporated, is a non-profit corporation sponsored by the Church for the acquisition, preservation, and restoration of part of the old city of Nauvoo, Illinois, where the Saints lived before the westward migration. We hope to provide an authentic physical environment for renewed public interest in Nauvoo. Plans also call for the development of landmarks and other features of historic interest along the Mormon trail and other sites of Church historical interest.” - Dr. LeRoy Kimball ‘Improvement Era’ (July, 1967).

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