Item #6701 Hidden Springs of Custeriana. Arthur H. Clark Company.

Hidden Springs of Custeriana

Glendale - Spokane: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1964 - 2012. First Editions. 15 volumes in 16 books. complete.

1 - Nye, Elwood F. 'Marching with Custer.' 51pp. Oblong octavo [24 cm x 31 cm] 1/2 blue cloth over white boards. Better than very good. Prospectus laid in. "This work, the first in this highly collectable series, was a distinct departure in format and design for the company. A handsome publication, it contains the very rare work on this important facet of the Little Big Horn story." - Clark & Brunet 192. Luther 180.

2 - McClernand, Edward J. 'With the Indian and the Buffalo in Montana, 1870-1878.' 176pp. Octavo [26 cm] Gray cloth. Near fine. Prospectus laid in. "McClernand's narrative appeared first in the Cavalry Journal, 1926-27, and now rare in this edition." - Clark & Brunet 176. Luther 54.

3 - Overfield, Lloyd J. II. 'The Little Big Horn, 1876.' 203pp. Octavo [25.5 cm] Gray cloth. Near fine. Prospectus laid in. "An unabridged compilation of twenty-six documents of prime importance to students of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Complete Muster Roll rosters include detailed names and identification for enlisted men and officers." - Clark & Brunet 200.

4 - Clark, Robert A. 'The Killing of Chief Crazy Horse.' 152pp. Octavo [26 cm] Light blue cloth. Near fine. Prospectus laid in. "The unique tri-focal nature of the accounts provide a special focus to this important figure's death." - Clark & Brunet 50.

5 - Hedren, Paul L. 'First Scalp for Custer.' 106pp. Octavo [26 cm] Light blue cloth. Near fine. Prospectus laid in. "Three weeks after the Battle of Little Big Horn, the Fifth Cavalry won a small fight on Warbonnet Creek which served as a much needed psychological boost for the military and nation following the frustrating series of failures by the army in the spring and summer of 1876. William F. Cody played a major role in this exchange, and he was declared (most often by himself) as the hero of the episode." - Clark & Brunet 139.

6 - Frost, Lawrence A. 'Some Observations on the Yellowstone Expedition of 1873.' 164pp. Octavo [26 cm] Light blue cloth. Near fine. Prospectus laid in. "The unpublished narrative of James Calhoun, detailing this important expedition, is the centerpiece of this collection. Also included are the official reports of Custer, D.S. Stanley, and Fred D. Grant. The Yellowstone Expedition of 1873 was formed to complete the survey for the Northern Pacific Railroad." - Clark & Brunet 101.

7 - Carroll, John M. 'I, Varnum.' 194pp. Octavo [26 cm] Light blue cloth. Near fine. "Varnum as chief of scouts for the 7th Cavalry, played an active and important role in the Little Big Horn battle. This is the first publication of the autobiography, with thorough editing by Carroll." - Clark & Brunet 44.

8 - Anders, Frank L. 'The Custer Trail.' 148pp. Octavo [24 cm] Light blue cloth. Near fine. Prospectus laid in. "This posthumous publication was arranged by John Carroll, the noted researcher, scholar and collector of Custer and frontier military material." - Clark & Brunet 8.

9 - Frost, Lawrence A. 'Boy General in Bronze.' 173pp. Octavo [26 cm] Light blue cloth. Near fine. Prospectus laid in. "A study of the memorials to Custer. Included is the previously unpublished account by Elizabeth Custer of the dedication of the Custer Memorial in Monroe, Michigan." - Clark & Brunet 100.

10 - Carroll, John M. 'The Arrest and Killing of Sitting Bull.' 186pp. Octavo [25 cm] Light blue cloth. Near fine. Prospectus laid in. "This volume gathers a number of Documentary accounts detailing the death of this important Sioux chief." - Clark & Brunet 42.

11 - Liddic, Bruce R. and Paul Harbaugh. 'Camp on Custer.' 189pp. Octavo [24 cm] Light green cloth. Near fine. "From 1908 to 1919, respected railroad engineer Walter Camp roamed the northern plains interviewing surviving participants of the Little Big Horn battle for a planned history of the Indian wars." - Clark & Brunet 169.

12 - Hardorff, Richard G. 'Walter M. Camp's Little Big Horn Rosters. 230pp. Octavo [24 cm] Blue cloth. Near fine. Prospectus laid in. "Camp's endeavor resulted in a fairly accurate set of muster rolls representing the personnel of the regiment as it appeared in June of 1876." - Clark & Brunet 133.

13 - Brizee-Brown, Sandra L. 'For All to See: The Little Bighorn Battle in Plains Indian Art.' 187pp. Octavo [24.5 cm] Blue cloth. Near fine. "This study discusses sixty-one Sioux, Cheyenne, and Crow pictographic drawings of the battle." - Clark & Brunet 31.

14- Williams, Roger L. 'Military Register of Custer's Last Command' 432pp. Octavo [26 cm] Blue cloth. Near fine. This is the most extensive work available on the 7th Cavalry. With its exhaustive bibliography, it will stand as a definitive resource for historians and enthusiasts.

15- O'Keefe, Michael F. 'Custer, the Seventh Cavalry, and the Little Big Horn' Two Volume Set. 899pp. Octavo [26 cm] Blue cloth. Near fine. This two-volume bibliography of Custer literature is the first to be published in some twenty-five years and the most complete ever assembled. Item #6701

Landmark set on Custer and the Plains Indians Wars of the the latter 19th century, that began with the massacre at Sand Creek and culminated in the slaughter of Custer and his men on the hillside above the Little Bighorn River. This set is uncommon and was produced over four decades.

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