Item #5248 A God Appears [Menu]. Eugene Savage, Lurline S S.
Savage, Eugene [S.S, Lurline]

A God Appears [Menu]

Honolulu: Matson Navigation Lines, 1953. Bifolium [35 cm x 53 cm] printed in full-color. Nice condition. Near fine. Item #5248

Dinner menu from the S.S. Lurline that features cover art by Eugene Savage. There were four ocean liners christened S.S. Lurline by Matson Lines, these menus were for the fourth ship with that name. The S.S. Lurline was a luxury ocean liner that would take passengers from the American West Coast to Hawaii and Australia. The Hawaiian port was Honolulu, where most passengers would disembark the ship and make a beeline for Matson's renowned Waikiki hotel and resort, the Royal Hawaiian.

Eugene Francis Savage (1883-1978) was a trained sculptor and artist, who was primarily known for his large murals. Savage was commissioned by Matson Navigation Lines to paint nine large (4' x 8') Hawaiian themed murals, that were intended to be displayed on Matson ocean liners. These murals were completed in 1940, but due to American involvement in World Ward II, the ships were dedicated to the war effort, and the murals were never installed. In 1948 the Murals were used as covers for the menus on the S.S. Lurline.

"When Captain James Cook, British Royal Navy, on January 20, 1778 first came upon the Sandwich Islands, later named Hawaii, he was at the height of his fame as a navigator and explorer. But to the islanders Captain Cook was far more than that. He was an incarnation of their god, Lono, come in a floating temple to visit them from the great beyond. At his first landing on the island of Kauai, they fell prostrate along the path and worshipped him as a deity."

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