Item #3645 [Hon Kachina / Bear Kachina]. Michael Tenakhongua.
Tenakhongua, Michael

[Hon Kachina / Bear Kachina]

Hotevilla, AZ: (c.1990). Ink and pastel illustration on a heavy stock [32.5 cm x 25.5 cm] Nice condition. Item #3645

Illustration of the Hopi Hon Kachina [Bear Kachina] by a member of the Roadrunner clan. Signed with an address (Second Mesa) and phone numbers on the reverse.

"There are a number of Bear Kachinas. Some are distinguished only by color such as the Blue, White, Yellow, or Black Bear Kachinas. There are others such as Ursisimu, who have become extinct, and Ketowa Bisena, who is the personage that belongs to the Bear Clan at Tewa. There are Bears fancifully dressed and Bears that are not. All Bear Kachinas are believed to be very powerful and capable of curing bad illnesses. They are great warriors. Bear Kachinas appear most often in the Soyohim or Mixed Dances of springtime or occasionally as side dancers for the Chakwaina Kachinas." -p.102 'Hopi Kachinas' by Barton Wright.

Price: $75.00

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