Document showing the testimony given before the judge of the Fifth Judicial Circuit of the state of Missouri, on the trial of Joseph Smith, Jr., and others, for high treason, and other crimes against that state. February 15, 1841

Washington DC: Blair & Rives, 1841. U.S. 26th Cong. 2d Sess. Senate. [Doc.] 189. 47pp. Octavo [22.5 cm] Side sewn. Previously bound, otherwise better than very good. Item #1032

This is the aftermath of the Missouri/Mormon War, which was a conflict between Smith's followers and their non-Mormon neighbors. This work contains testimony against Joseph Smith and other Mormon leaders for treason, arson, burglary, etc. etc., against the state of Missouri. An important piece of early LDS history.

"But, whatever, may be the name of the sect or church, whose doctrines Mr. Page professes to preach and inculcate, or under what estimation they may have heretofore been held by a prejudiced and uninquiring community, so far as they bear, as their main characteristic, a literal and unqualified interpretation of Scripture, and followed by a strict belief in Biblical doctrine, and accompanied by such an explanation as the dictates of nature and reason teach an impartial mind to be correct, so far are we bound to coincide with them. We are vulnerable to truth..."

"This document includes copy of the testimony given before the Fifth Judicial Circuit, Missouri beginning November 12, 1838, regarding the Daughter's of Zion (since called the Danites) and their work to drive non-Mormons from Caldwell Co., Missouri." - Fales and Flake 4. Flake/Draper 5428. Sabin 83239. Auerbach 1225.

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